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What is Korean Temple Food?
Temple food refers to the food eaten daily at Buddhist temples. At Buddhist temples, everything is considered a part of practice. From growing vegetables to preparing the food, monks and nuns are directly involved in the whole process. As if preparing the offer towards the Buddha, monastic practitioners make it with deep devotion, which all people share the food equally.

Introducing the Korean Temple Food Center

Korean Temple Food Center took our first step in December 2015, and has been in charge of over 10,000 of locals as well as foreigners’s experience. As culture complex space of experiencing tradition and modern at the same time, Korean Temple Food Center will always greet you all with warm smile.

  • Cultural space

    provides seasonal temple food recipes and promotional materials
    furnished with specialized books on temple food
    provides community space for small events or gatherings

  • Class Introduction

    Monthly Temple Food Class(4 weeks)
    One-day Class
    Simple Experience
    (Tea Ceremony w/t Buddhist monk, Making Traditional Dasik)

  • Exhibition space

    Reproduction of traditional Korean Buddhist temple’s “Offering to Buddha” (Gongyanggan)
    Introduction of traditional Buddhist monastic meal(Barugongyang)
    Exhibition on Korean temple food

  • Rest area

    Rest room
    Free wifi
    cellphone charge
    Tasting of today’s tea



Duty hour
· Tue~Sun : 09:00~18:00
· Duty off : Every Mon, Holliday
(03061) 39, Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
- bMechanical parking lot in An-guk building is available.(1h is free for students. Pay 6,000won per hour after 1 hour you parking.)
- Parking lot is only for students taking the Temple Food class.
- Please using public parking lot if you have SUV.

- There are many places where traffic is restricted in Jongno and Gwanghwamun areas on weekends, so we recommend using public transportation.