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Temple Food Cooking Class

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(Foreign Only) [November] K-Temple Food / Saturday / 10:00-12:00(AM)

There will be Max 24 persons in the class and group of 4.
Due to Covid 19 pandemic you should wear a facial mask during the class.
It is not allowed to taste or eat the food you cooked in side of the classroom.

※Korean temple Food Center conduct disinfection every Monday and Thursday.※
- Open: Tue~Sun 9:00~18:00, Close: Mon
- Bank Information: Shinhan Bank/140-011-425-130/한국불교문화사업단.

Center Korean Temple Food Center
Instructor Ven. Sunghwa information
Class period 2022.11.05.(SAT) ~ 2022.11.26.(SAT)
Dates every SAT
Time AM 10:00 - 12:00
Recruiting personnel 12
Tuition KRW 20,000
Personal preparation 2 dishclothes per person, Pocket to keep your used dishclothes, container to keep the food you cooked. ※Apron will be provided

- Please complete your payment within 3days from the date you book the class. Refund is available if you request the refund 3days before the class day.