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Acorn Jelly Noodles in Cold Broth

/Ven. Kyungbong


  1. acorn jelly
    150 g
  2. steamed rice
    1 cup
  3. kimchi
    25 g
  4. laver
    1/4 sheet
  5. red pepper powder
    1/2 ts
  6. black pepper
    1/4 ts
  7. sesame seed
    15 g
  8. sesame oil
    1 ts
  9. veggi broth
    1.5 cup

만드는 방법

1. Cut acorn jelly into thin julienne(1cmx1cmx10cm) and put in a bowl.

2. Cut kimchi into thin julienne.

3. Grind sesame seeds in a mortar.

4. Slice kimchi and laver and pour veggi broth.

5. Add red pper powder,sesame seed, black pepper and sesame oil and put laver on top.

6. Eat with side dished and steamed rice.